Pride & Passion

Fashion + Portrait Photography, 2021

In collaboration with Diamond Dyson (Styling) and Rita Fraccalvieri (Model).


Fashion + Portrait Photography, 2020


Fashion + Portrait Photography, 2020

Styling by Diamond Dyson.

Nils Stoeber

Fashion + Portrait Photography, 2020

Nils & I started with a very vague idea for the shoot but managed to turn my apartment into an exciting location for the shoot. The tools used? One tarp from the hardware store! Sometimes it really is that easy.

"all hands on deck"

Documentary Photography, 2020

What startet out as a calm sailing trip quickly turned into an exciting creative challenge. The idea: create still photos that feel like taken from a movie.

"look me in the eyes"

Photography, 2018 – 2020

In the last few years I have put special focus on portrait photography. My main goal was to capture scenes with a “moody” atmosphere and a focus on lighting and urban backgrounds. Originally, I started with architecture photography and as a result, I sometimes include architectural elements in my portraits.

"I see light, I see shadow"

Street Photography, 2017 – 2019

A more private, less commercial category of my photography stems from my original interest in architectural photography. Its the kind of photos that I casually snap while on a sunday afternoon walk or while exploring a new city when traveling. 

My main themes here are minimalism and a certain “analog” vibe (some of the photos were taken on analog cameras anyways).

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